chris connors

09/21/2012 - 2:34pm
After the death of Rottmucker, Rottmucker's Wax Museum is being taken by a shady lawyer, Boswick. Craig, a fan of the museum, visits the wax monsters. Within the museum, the monsters come to life and act out the scenes
09/21/2012 - 2:31pm
Marshall and Simon are surprised to find that instead of detention they get sent to have an eye test. But with his new glasses, Simon seems to have lost his sense of fun, and all he wants to do is study
09/21/2012 - 2:29pm
A scavenger hunt at the school makes the kids dash around the town, urgently trying to win. "Dark Oracle" predicts that Cally will win, but the other kids do not lose hope and the chaos in the town leads to
09/21/2012 - 1:00pm
Gremlin-like sea monkeys and a Godzilla-like turtle run amok in Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, set to invade theaters on October 5th.
09/21/2012 - 1:00pm
Here is a helpful hint: if you resurrect your beloved dead dog, you might want to hide him where mom won't find him. Enjoy this clip from Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, and check it out in theaters October 5th.
09/21/2012 - 1:00pm
Meet Elsa and her uncle Bob, the mayor. They are just two of the strange denizens of New Holland, the town at the center of Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. The stop-motion animated film hits theaters October 5th.
09/21/2012 - 12:18am
Oscar® nominee Jennifer Lawrence and Oscar nominee Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas, Piranha 3D) star in this psychological thriller about a teenager, Elissa, and her divorced mom, Sarah, who move into an
09/20/2012 - 6:44pm
Annabel and Lucas are faced with the challenge of raising his young nieces that were left alone in the forest for 5 years.... but how alone were they?
09/20/2012 - 2:15pm
After experimental surgery, Ulric has nine lives. By showcasing his inability to die, Ulric gains fame and fortune. In Ulric's final trick he is buried alive and as he is in the coffin he realizes he miscalculated; this
09/20/2012 - 12:53am
Ethan Hawke plays a true crime novelist who discovers a box of mysterious, disturbing home movies that plunge his family into a nightmarish experience of supernatural horror. In Theaters October 12, 2012