12/15/2006 - 1:06pm

Due to server maintenance you may experience some slight disruption on the site for about 15 minutes, 11pm Eastern Time on Saturday 12-16-2006. No need to worry, the gremlins haven’t been chewing through the wires!

12/15/2006 - 1:05pm

FEARnet is bleeding with titles guaranteed to make your skin crawl! Check out this weeks free online full length feature films!

12/12/2006 - 2:44pm

Our former Video Channel menu options just didn’t hack it, so in our efforts to enhance and simplify your FEARnet movie viewing experience we’ve taken a stab at changing our menu option titles.

12/08/2006 - 12:28pm

We have added new content to the FEARnet Video Channels section featuring the 2007 remake of The Hitcher trailer and the full length films, Serial Killing 101 and Flashback.