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Dead Rising 2


Can you ever have too many zombie video games?  Game companies don’t seem to think so, so check out Dead Rising 2.  The sequel is similar to the original: grab anything you can and beat the crap out of a legion of zombies.  The game takes place in Vegas-style Fortune City and offers the same mission-based gameplay as the original.  New features in this version include the ability to combine items to make your own super-weapon (paddlesaw, anyone?); co-op mode; and a wacky, gladiator-type in-game event.   Dead Rising 2 is available for XBox 360 and PS3.  If you have some extra cash to burn, a collector’s edition is available for both platforms, which includes a Zombrex syringe pen and prescription notepad, art book, a “Making of” featurette, and more.

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