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'Original' 1777 Vampire Slaying Kit


Pesky neighbor trying to steal your girl? Is your honey distracted by a mysterious man in a cloak and your best friend suddenly nowhere to be found? You may have a vampire problem.

Here’s the solution: an epic 1777 vampire killing kit created by Crystobal.

It’s an impeccable recreation that includes (among other things) a non-firing replica of a late 18th Century Flintlock, a small silver dagger, and one leaflet Exorcism Rite, printed on authentic-era paper made on the antique paper machine at the Franklin Institute in 1976 and used to cast the vampire to hell. Garlic, holy water and silver nails also come in the killing kit along with other replica pieces from the 18th Century.

Vampire killing is a pricey business and this kit is going to cost you, but the seller does state “Offers are considered.” Think about it, a vampire slaying kit is something you pass down through generations, vampire hunter to vampire hunter, so, you want to pay a little more for quality that lasts.

Vampire Slaying Kit

$875.00 at Etsy