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Gift Guide: The 'Alien' Vault


The problem with most "vaults" -- scrapbooks, if you will, offering a variety of paper ephemera devoted to a specific genre franchise -- is that the bulk of any such franchise is pretty lame. (If I'm paying top dollar for a Star Wars boutique item, I'd prefer that eighty percent of it not be devoted to prequels and spin-offs.) Fortunately for fans of Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror masterpiece, such is not the case with The Alien Vault, a handsome, lavishly illustrated slipcased book packed with concept art, designs, photos and info on the original classic (no AvP nonsense here, thank you very much). While at 176 pages I'm not sure it is, as it boasts, the "definitive story of the making of the film," it's certainly the most gorgeous; and the first vault I've seen that -- though affordably priced -- is worth every penny one puts into it. Now I just need an Aliens Vault and my life will be complete.

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