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Gift Guide: 'Antichrist' Criterion Blu-Ray


While not strictly a horror film, Antichrist is still one of the most unsettling films I've ever seen, with mutilation that can make even the most hardened gorehound wince.  Lars Von Trier's cerebral film stars Willem DaFoe and Charlotte Gainsborough as a couple who go to the woods to deal with their grief over the death of their baby.  Naturally, weird shit and madness ensue.  Criterion always does a bang-up job with blu-rays, and Antichrist is no exception.  The picture is perfect, and the surround sound is breathtaking.  More than once, birds squawking on the soundtrack caused my dogs to jump to attention, ready to pounce.  Plenty of interviews and behind-the-scenes goodies for extras die-hards.  Even the bonus material looked and sounded beautiful - not shaky, blown-out footage shot by a PA on a handi-cam.

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