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Gift Guide: 'Basket Case' Blu-ray

Though its debatable whether a film shot in 16mm requires the Blu-ray treatment, Frank Henenlotter's groundbreaking cult classic deserves no less than the finest possible treatment for home viewing. Before Evil Dead II, before Dead Alive, and before Re-Animator, there was Basket Case. The tale of a man and his misshapen Siamese twin brother out for revenge against the surgeons who pulled them apart, Basket Case put its deliciously deranged director on the map and led to later works like Brain Damage, Frankenhooker and the criminally underrated Bad Biology. And, in the wake of the '70s' sometimes self-serious grindhouse fare, it demonstrated how low-budget horror could be infused with laughter, opening the door for filmmakers like Raimi, Jackson and Gordon. Something Weird's Blu-ray comes with a new video intro by its director, as well as an audio commentary, outtakes, behind-the-scenes footage, a 2001 short, and a gallery of art and photos -- all for one very reasonable price.

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