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Gift Guide: Blood Splat Cutting Board


blood splat cutting board

Seeing red on your cutting board isn't typically a good thing.  It usually means that you've misfired with the knife, cutting a slice out of your finger rather than the intended onion or tomato.  I've done it many times, and all the boards in my house bare the stains to prove it.

Thanks to the company Mustard, seeing a pool of blood beneath your veggies and blade is suddenly not such a bad thing.  In fact, it's a pretty awesome one.  The 'Red Splash Kitchen Chopping Board' is the perfect kitchen implement for horror fans like ourselves, turning our boring and ordinary food prep into a fun romp through a grisly crime scene - just the way we like it!

The board features a removable blood drip hinge, which can be affixed to the board to keep it from moving around your countertop.  And, of course, it also helps sell the fact that the board isn't just red and fun shaped, but a truly authentic looking puddle of blood.

Approximately $24 from MZube - matching spoon rest also available!