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Gift Guide: 'The Complete Drive-In' by Joe R. Lansdale


I like a lot of different writers, but the one who never lets me down is mojo storyteller Joe Lansdale. That's why I'm ashamed to admit that, until now, I'd never read The Drive-In, the book many consider Lansdale's masterpiece. The thing is, The Drive-In's reputation is so vaunted, I was holding out for a nice new hardcover version to come along, since I didn't want to pay top dollar for the novel's now wildly expensive first edition, and I couldn't bare to purchase such a wildly acknowledged classic as a mundane book club volume. Kudos then to Underland Press – their new edition isn't a hardcover, but it is the next best thing: a very collectible trade paperback containing not only The Drive-In, but its two sequels, The Drive-In, Not Just Another One of Them Sequels and The Drive-In: The Bus Tour. What makes Underland's volume a must buy, however, is the inclusion of never-before-seen art from the unmade Drive-In movie and an introduction by the film's would-be director Don Coscarelli (who successfully adapted Lansdale's Bubba Ho-Tep). If you've not yet discovered the wild, wacky and fired-by-rocket-fuel work of Texas's leading yarn-spinner, you've a helluva lot fun waiting for you. The Complete Drive-In is a fine place to start having it.


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