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Gift Guide: 'Crystal Lake Memories' iBook by Peter M. Bracke

If you are a horror fanatic, you probably have this tome chronicling every inch of the Friday the 13th franchise. But you probably don't have it like this. If you are unfamiliar, Crystal Lake Memories is an exhaustive look behind the scenes of Friday the 13th. Detailing every film through Freddy vs. Jason, and even touching on the Friday the 13th TV series - even though it had nothing to do with Jason Voorhees or Camp Crystal Lake.

Now Crystal Lake Memories is available as an iBook. In addition to a significantly lower price point than its physical counterpart, you get more exclusive behind-the-scenes photos. The authors take advantage of the interactive nature of iBooks, and include exclusive video and audio clips, as well as script excerpts. Even if you already have the hardbound Crystal Lake Memories, the iBook version is well worth the $14.

$13.99 on iTunes


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