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Gift Guide: 'Detour to Otherness' by Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore


Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore are two of the most underrated names in fantastic fiction. Writing partners who enjoyed fruitful solo careers – he producing novels like Mutant, she generating romantic fantasies like Judgment Night and Shambleau – the two were together responsible for the short stories found in Bypass to Otherness and Return to Otherness. As author Robert Silverberg points out, however, in his introduction to Detour to Otherness: Tales of Science Fantasy and Terror – collecting the two previous volumes and adding eight additional tales – when the two married and collaborated, their writing spoke in a third voice, one perfectly captured in this lovely new clothbound hardcover from Haffner Press. That third voice could blend horror, fantasy, suspense, and enchantment into rambunctious entertainment that made Kuttner and Moore the most influential married team in genre fiction, one that inspired writers from Philip K. Dick to Silverberg himself. Reading the stories in this collection, from the creepy ("This is the House") to the quirky ("The Little Things"), it's easy to see why.

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