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Gift Guide: Dexter Action Figure


One of the coolest toys to surface at Comic-Con 2011 was the first in Bif Bang Pow's line of Dexter 3 3/4 inch action figures, maybe because this Dexter, available in August in a limited edition of 7000, really does look ready for a lot more action than the company's already available 7 inch Dexter, who wore his work jumpsuit outfit. This new Dexter comes in his trademark gray shirt, slacks and gloves, and has two accessories: a carving knife and a trash bag (presumably full of body parts). Like his 7 inch predecessor, he also comes packed with an official Dexter blood slide. Best of all, thanks to Bif Bang Pow!, America's favorite serial killer is now the perfect size to slaughter your Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and G.I. Joe figures!

$9.99 from Entertainment Earth


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