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Gift Guide: A 'Dexter' Round-up


As the last season of Dexter starts this weekend, we have been looking back over the span of the show. As with any property, one of the most important parts is merchendising. Here is some of the cool Dexter stuff we have found over the years. Grab it before it is gone.

Dexter's infamous blood slides, created as coasters for your enjoyment.

$34.95 at

Dexter Poster - this one is for season four, but they have posters representing all seasons.

Dexter Action Figure - complete with garbage bag filled with body parts.

Crime Scene Scarf - Not actually Dexter, but it is evocative of the show, don't you think?

Shot Glasses - For that final season screening party.

Dexter Jewelry - From Johnny Blades and Vintage Homage

Bowl Till You Bleed tee

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Dexter's final season begins June 30th on Showtime.