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Gift Guide: Dragon Stapler


dragon stapler

Here on FEARNET, we're all about putting monsters to work, and making them do daily tasks for us. The Jaws bottle opener comes to mind, as does the vampire teeth bottle opener, both of which use the normally deadly teeth of vicious creatures to pop open a cold one, after a long day's work. Ah, just the way we like it.

Thanks to this awesome stapler, which we hereby declare to be the world's coolest office supply, you can use the razor sharp teeth of a fire-breathing dragon to clamp sheets of paper together in style. Measuring six inches in length, the Dragon Stapler is made from hand-painted cold-cast resin, and is as functional as it is majestic to look at.

Forget that boring red stapler, Milton. This is where it's at!

$17.50 from Medieval Collectibles