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Gift Guide: 'Hellraiser' Lament Configuration Lamp


We have such sights to show you….or maybe better yet, to illuminate for you?  Artists Ben Hamby and Jeremy Faber of Sky D.o.G.s have created the ultimate lamp for Hellraiser fans. Based on the lament configuration box, this lamp is offered in two options; one with “puzzle,” edges and one with smoothed edges to better represent the box from the film. They are completely handmade, and interestingly enough have flame retardant fabric on the interior to make them appear solid when switched off. There are many different customization options so if you’re interested in unleashing the cenobites make sure to read the options on their Etsy page. With the amount of hand made work involved they won’t rip your soul, or wallet apart either!  The smaller lament configuration is shown for scale purposes only, the lamps are 6”x6”x6”…pun intended?

$125 at Etsy