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Gift Guide: 'The Incredible Melting Man' Candle (And Other Fun Horror Novelties!)


The Incredible Melting Man

It's always sad when Christmas comes to an end, but there's also a big ole silver lining to that cloud; now that you don't have to spend all your money on gifts for other people, you can return to spending money on gifts for yourself.  All that newfound Christmas money burning a hole in your wallet?  Then look no further than Etsy shop Novelties by Stexe, who offer up unique goodies that are sure to make your wallet as slim and trim as it was a couple days ago!

Up top you'll find the 'Incredible Melting Mandle,' a wax sculpture of the titular astronaut from 1977's Incredible Melting Man.  He melts into a puddle of goo when lit, a three-hour spectacle that's probably as much fun as watching the movie itself!

The clever candle is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Novelties by Stexe's fun and creative offerings, which also include figurines of Tarman, Basket Case's Belial, a monster from C.H.U.D. and Motel Hell's Farmer Vincent - complete with pig mask.  You'll even find "The Tingler-Tron" in the shop, a rubber replica of the creature from William Castle's 1959 flick that moves on its own!

Prices vary, so head over to Novelties by Stexe for full details, and to see many more fun novelties!