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Gift Guide: 'Jurassic Park' Ultimate Trilogy Blu-ray


Jurassic Park is unique within Steven Spielberg's filmography. Coupling the white-knuckle (albeit PG-rated) thrills of Jaws with Close Encounters of the Third Kind's sense of wonder, it offers something for everyone. Cutting-edge special effects? Check. Cute kids? Check. Savage animals chomping on hapless humans? Check. Catchy John Williams anthem? Check. Universal's new "Ultimate Trilogy" edition collects all three Jurassic Park films, and presents them in shimmering HD, along with a new six-part documentary featuring interviews with Spielberg, his cast, and his Oscar-winning effects team. The studio's Blu-ray releases of high-profile titles like the Back to the Future trilogy and The Big Lebowski have often underwhelmed, with their excessive use of digital noise reduction (DNR) and edge enhancement leaving many a beloved actor looking like a wax museum statue. Fortunately, such tools are used sparingly on the JP set. Films 2 and 3 are a mixed bag -- each contains great scenes; but they're never more than the sum of their parts -- the original, however, holds us as perhaps the best dinosaur film this side of King Kong.

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