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Gift Guide: Knit Facehugger



Sometimes, you just need a hug.  A big, tight hug.  The kind of hug that makes you feel all warm and gushy inside.  The kind of hug that reminds you that everything's going to be alright.

Though undoubtedly one of the most malicious little creatures in the history of cinema, impregnating its victims with chest-bursting Xenomorph babies, the Facehuggers from the Alien franchise believe in the idea of killing with kindness - offering up hugs of unparalleled magnitude, before they turn you into a host for an alien creature and gruesomely dispatch you.  You won't get that from Jason, Freddy, Leatherface or any of the other icons of horror cinema, of that I can assure you.


With this incredible hand-knit Facehugger from New York-based Etsy shop Knitrocious, you can have your very own Facehugger in your very own home, available for hugs whenever you need them most.  The legs of this little guy have clips attached to them, allowing you to clamp them around your head for optimum face-hugging action - just like in the movies!

Why not give the gift of hugs this holiday season?!

$150 from Etsy shop Knitrocious