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Gift Guide: Mystical 'Twin Peaks' Tarot Cards


After many, ahem twenty-two, years I’ve started watching the Twin Peaks series again, and as anyone who is a fan knows, it completely holds up. I find I am in the midst of a renewed obsession, having purchased Twin Peaks tee from Threadless to wear on Twin Peaks night and a stuffed log pillow to squeeze during the scary parts.  These tarot cards by British artist Claire Laffer are going to make a nice addition to my growing collection.

Laffer’s original prints are based on the Major Arcana cards from the Rider Waite tarot deck and each card is hand stamped with vintage postcard design and signed, titled, and numbered. Each card also comes with a decorated envelope. I’ve included two of my favorites below, but the set features all of the major characters.

$3.12 each on

Twin Peaks Bob Tarot

Twin Peaks Nadine Tarot