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Gift Guide: Pinky Diablo's Skull Spoons


I've heard that souvenir spoons are a popular collectible amongst people (especially retired women). I don't get it, but hey, to each his own. But Pinky Diablo's spoons, that I get. Available in teaspoon or tablespoon sizes, Pinky Diablo (given name: Tom Sale) sells vintage silverplate spoons that have been reworked to be shaped like skulls. I sure wouldn't use these spoons for soup, but I can imagine all sorts of fun gags for the spoon. Like using it to stir soup in front of your guests, then removing the spoon and pretending the soup (or a poison in the soup) is so vile that it burned a warning skull into the spoon (like in cartoons where the chili is so hot it burns the wooden spoon to ashes).

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