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Gift Guide: Real Beaver Foot to Find Your Keys


Ew. It’s real.

Perfect for the backwoods inbred mutant killer in your life who keeps losing their keys, this beaver foot hook offers a helpful claw for whatever you want to hang.

According to the EvasFeathers, no animals were hurt or killed in the making of this keychain, so we’ll just assume all the beavers died of natural causes.

“Beaver foot wall mounts can also be used to hang other items such as necklaces, lanyards, charms, etc, and they also just look plain weird and creepy sticking out of a wall all by themselves as if a real fantasy horror creature is actually coming out of your wall.”  Too true. The shop also offers other pieces of dead animals to display including a squirrel foot hook, and an alligator backscratcher.


$16.95 on Etsy