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Gift Guide: 'The Shining' Ugly Christmas Sweater


The Shining ugly sweater

In our society's neverending quest to make weird random things cool, ugly Christmas sweaters have in recent years gained massive amounts of camp appeal.  While once exclusively worn by senior citizens out of touch with any and all sense of style, they're nowadays as hip as hashtags, as spectacular as selfies and as tubular as twerking.  Generation Random is in full effect, and it doesn't get much more random than rocking grandma's hideous holiday wardrobe.

If you've been invited to one of the many ugly Christmas sweater parties being hosted around the country this holiday season, and you don't quite know what to wear, we've got ya covered.

Designed by Stephen Anderson, this gloriously hideous Shining-inspired design is screenprinted onto super soft jersey knit sweatshirts, iconic imagery and quotes from the film getting an ugly Christmas sweater makeover.  The absolute perfect sweatshirt to keep you from freezing to death like Jack Torrance this holiday season, and/or the most unique gift you could possibly give the horror fan in your life!

$25 from The Yetee - design also available on t-shirts!