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Gift Guide: Slasher Voodoo Dolls


I don’t often think, “Look at that adorable little Leatherface! I could just eat him up with a spoon.” Until now.

Narakdoll's voodoo doll keychains include some of of horror’s finest maniacs: Freddy, Jason, Michael and Leatherface. They are hand-made, tiny voodoo doll creations perfect for, according to Narakdoll, presents, purse decoration, or Christmas tree ornaments. Leatherface’s chainsaw appears to be made with a paperclip and Jason comes with his very own decapitated head in tow. (So he won’t get lonely.) Narakdoll also makes other monsters including Wolfman, Pennywise and the Headless Horseman.

$21.99 for a set of four at Etsy