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Gift Guide: 'Surviving The Dead' By Howard Ford


If you've seen The Dead, the sparse, haunting, and beautiful zombie film shot entirely in the African desert, the first thought that might enter your head is "I hope they make a sequel." After reading Surviving the Dead, from director Howard Ford, you may not want to wish that on your worst enemy. As tough as any film shoot is, The Dead was particularly bad. Ford details the traumas of shooting in the middle of the desert, with little support and even less budget. Armed robbery, corrupt officials, food poisoning, malaria, and homicidal fantasies are just a few of the horrors the crew faced during the arduous shoot. The cherry on top? A cannibal. No joke. I wish the cannibal got more than just a page. Interspersed with the "anecdotes" from set are exclusive stills and advice from Ford to budding filmmakers (which is far less interesting, as this memoir will likely kill any desire to make movies). This is a digital book - you will get a PDF, ePub, and Mobi all for the same price.

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