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Gift Guide: Very Metal Hand-Painted Wooden 'Haxan' Box


First off, if you’ve never seen Haxan/ Witchcraft Through the Ages you should get on that. It’s a potent brew of a silent film that looks like the Gates of Hell come to life and includes Satan’s minions doing all sorts of hilarious things like bleeding babies, torturing innocents, and giving birth to the Dark Lord and Master’s demons. It’s both beautiful and fun to watch.

Wandering Genie’s painted VHS box pays tribute to the classic horror film and the antiquated nature of VHS technology with intricate hand-wrought illustrations on a custom-made wooden box. It’s the perfect gift for a fan of the film, a really gorgeous piece of art, and extremely metal. It also includes a copy of the film.

Here’s the description from Wandering Genie: “I painted this for a Halloween art show with the theme of redesigning vhs packaging. The wooden box is meant to look like a book and has a removable spine which reveals the included tape inside. It is hand stained and painted and one of a kind.”

The seller has other pieces for sale including a painted wooden egg and some awesome screen prints. Check them out.

$200 at Etsy