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Gift Guide: 'Walking Dead' Zombie Gelatin Mold


Nothing says dinner party like a jell-o mold.  But, a jiggling, green, delicious, zombie head jell-o mold? That’s what’s going to put your party over-the-top. Just imagine, everyone is sitting around the table enjoying coffee or an after dinner drink and you present this killer dessert. Your dinner companions will tuck into a slice of decaying zombie jaw with sickly delight. After that clear the dishes and play a round of The Walking Dead board game.

This official Walking Dead zombie head gelatin mold (accept no substitute!) is on pre-order and will be available in March. Better get on it now, because these puppies are sure to sell out. After you get yours, please share your jello-y pictures.

The Walking Dead zombie jello mold

$13.99 at Entertainment Earth