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Gift Guide: Zombie Hammer Survival Tools


Zombie Hammer

I'm of the mind that the best kinds of gifts are the ones that can actually be put to good use.  Sure, it's exciting to open up a shiny new toy on Christmas morning, but that toy is guaranteed to inevitably wind up on a shelf, collecting dust.  Wouldn't it be better to get a gift that's a little more useful?  Something that could potentially even save your life down the road, perhaps?

Zombie Hammer Street Cleaver

Meet Zombie Hammer, a company that specializes in unique weapons that are specifically designed to help you fight off hordes of flesh-eating zombies.  Hopefully, the dead will never rise from their graves on a mission to feast on our brains.  But the fact of the matter is that it could happen someday.  And as Clarence so eloquently stated in True Romance, it's better to have a gun and not need one than need a gun and not have one.  Zombie Hammer feels the same way.  Although they're all about brutal hand-to-hand tools, rather than firearms.  Gunshots attract walkers.  Attracting walkers is no bueno.

Zombie Hammer Brainsaw

From the simple hammer-style Nail Biter to the more elaborate Brainsaw - which is quite literally the business end of a chainsaw affixed to a knife handle, Zombie Hammer has a little something for everyone, an armada of weapons guaranteed to help you survive out there in the zombie apocalypse.  Give the gift of survival this holiday season!

$79.95 - $139.95 from Zombie Hammer