Gift Guide

Have a Bloody Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day.  Roses, chocolates, teddy bears, overpriced fancy dinners.  Kind of lame, right?  Not the way FEARnet does Valentine's Day.  After the jump, check out our handpicked selection of gifts to ensure a bloody good Valentine's Day... and night.

For the Traditionalist: Barbed Wire Leather Rose

Not only will these roses last forever, they will attack anyone who tries to hurt them.

For a Quiet Dinner in the Crypt: Poizin Wine

"Wine to die for" that conveniently comes in its own coffin.

For your Literate Lover: Hungry for Love Zombie Romance Anthology

Vampire romance is so last century.  Get hot n' bothered with zombie romance.

For Your Spicy Significant Other: Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffles

Chocolates, spiced with pepper, and decorated with skulls.  Sounds sinful to me.

For the Scent-imentals: Crypt Perfume

For that fresh-from-the-grave scent that gets all the boys excited.

For the Romantic: Wedding Ring Coffin

Gives a new meaning to "'Til death do us part."  FEARnet fans will likely find a coffin a far more romantic presentation of a ring than a glass of champagne.  Less sticky, too.

For the Safety-Minded: Vampire Condoms

Just because you are immortal doesn't mean you shouldn't be safe.

For Dessert: Zombie Lingerie

When dinner is over, adjourn to the coffin for a little... "dessert."