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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide: ‘Final Destination 5' Blu-ray

Final Destination 5's theatrical release didn't make much of a splash at the box office last summer, perhaps due to fans of Warner Brothers' venerable series being put off by the previous installment, The Final Destination, the franchise's low point. That's a shame, because surprisingly FD5 is the biggest, the bloodiest, the funniest, and the best of the Final Destination films. The kills are the stuff of horror fans' dreams, with loving attention paid to the build-up of suspense, and just enough of an unexpected twist to make each one interesting. The film's tone is also spot on, with exactly the right kind of tongue-in-cheek humor to make us feel like we're in on the joke, while delivering graphic satisfaction for gorehounds. The blu-ray captures the crisp imagery of first-time feature film director Steven Quale. Best known as James Cameron's second-unit director on Titanic and Avatar, Quale appears to have learned more than a thing or two about properly shooting a spectacle in 3D. The extras are meh, but the film alone is worth the price of the disc.

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