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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: 'Diabolique' Blu-ray


If you're looking for a last-minute gift for someone suffering from an overabundance of holiday cheer, I can't think of anything finer than the acidic 1954 thriller Diabolique, from French director Henri-Georges Clouzot (The Wages of Fear). Considered by many to be France's answer to Hitchcock, Clouzot crafted a film so fine that Hitch wound up adapting its writers follow-up novel in Vertigo. On the surface the simple tale of an abused wife and mistress who team up to kill the man they've both come to hate, Diabolique packs a whallop of a plot twist, and enough darkness to inspire latter suspense milestones like Psycho and Repulsion. Criterion's new Blu-ray features the film's best home video transfer to date. Diabolique's stunning final sequence especially is more stunning than ever in its inky evocativeness and heartstopping terror.

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