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'The Phantom of the Opera' 1925 Blu-ray


It's been hailed as the first great horror film; and though I could cite one or two other earlier movies at least equally deserving of that title -- The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Nosferatu come immediately to mind -- a strong case could me made that The Phantom of the Opera is the first great American horror film. And it's certainly the oldest "great" horror film to hit home video in high-def, thanks to Image's terrific new Blu-ray edition. Featuring no less than three different versions of the film (the 1929 reissue at 24 frames per second and 20 frames per second, and a standard-definition version of the original 1925 version), and packed with multiple scores, stills, a commentary, a reproduction of the theatrical souvenir program, and more, this Phantom is the one to get if you've ever thought of buying the film, or you're simply looking for a great backdrop to your Halloween party.

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