Gift Guide

REALLY Black Friday


When I was young, I thought Black Friday sounded deliciously ominous. It wasn't until my teens that I learned it was an economics reference. Needless to say, that disappointed me. So I'm happy to bring the serious darkness to Black Friday. In honor of the biggest shopping day of the year, we have a special gift guide selection for you: our top ten buys that come in black. So get prepared for REALLY Black Friday.  Check out our picks after the jump.

For her, try a selection of blackened eyeshadow in Urban Decay's Black Palette or Iron Fist Wolfbeater Shoes.  For him, may we suggest a Black Friday t-shirt or a fancy Pantera box set?  We didn't forget the kiddies; take a look at Mr. Tumblebones.

Of course, we found lots of other cool stuff that is great for everyone: a vintage Black Cat poster; the Death Wish mirror; Spooky X-Mas cards for gremlins and ghouls; sparkly Coffin Gems that will beat the crap out of your other jewelry; even a black metal Hellbent for Cooking cookbook.

If, for some reason, you are looking for something that isn't black, check out our complete gift guide, chock full of hand-picked goodies for everyone on your chopping list.  We did all the hard work for you, folks -- now all you have to do is order.