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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Chocolate Skulls


Skip the flowers and the teddy bears and go with something a bit more FEAR-ful this Valentine's Day. All week long, we will offer stuff that is only romantic to horror fiends.

Chocolate is a traditional Valentine's Day gift, but usually those candies come in a giant red heart-shaped box, and there is always at least one really disgusting truffle in the box. Artist Marina Maldavahas a totally new way to approach chocolate: skulls. We're not talking little cartoony skulls or Day of the Dead sugar skulls. Marina made a mold from a genuine human skull, and uses this mold to make delicious, life-sized chocolate skulls. Choose from three flavors: "Bone Chocolate" (a mix of white and milk chocolates); dark chocolate, or semi-sweet chocolate. Each skull is hand made by Marina herself.

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