3 Things You Need to Know If You're Going to Date a Zombie


Thanks to shows like "True Blood," "Being Human," "Buffy" and "The Vampire Diaries" popular culture is well-supplied with examples of how best to approach dating in the supernatural world. We know love can conquer any type of blood lust, shape-shifting or, well, total death. All we have to do is believe!

But there's one undead group that hasn't gotten a whole lot of action in the dating department.


But why not? Dating a zombie isn't so far-fetched, just ask Kevin Federline Sheri Moon. So, how should you approach that half-dead hunk you've had your eye on? What's at the core of the zombie heart? Is it just brains? FEARnet asked zombie expert and author of Warm Bodies Isaac Marion for his tips on winning over the undead. Warm Bodies tells the tale of R, a zombie who is just moaning through the motions until he meets, and nearly eats, the lovely Julie, and for the first time his life has meaning.

According to Marion, these are at least a few of the things you need to know to win your zombie crush's hardened heart.

1. Zombies Can Be Fickle Creatures

Remember, many zombies want you for your brains, not your body. So, protect yourself until you figure out your decaying darling's true intentions.

"Most of the tips would be about how not to die," Marion said. "There's a lot of inherent risks with that particular type of person."

2. Nobody Likes a Debbie Downer, Not Even the Undead

"In the case of this story, the thing that attracts his attention is that this girl is kind of the opposite of a zombie," Marion said. "She's extremely vibrant and full of life. He (R) learns this by eating her boyfriend's brain and re-lives his memories. So, he suddenly wakes up and she's being attacked by other zombies and he's like, ‘I need to protect this person.'"

3. Be Patient with Your Zombie, Communication Is Key

 Relationships take work. In the case  of Warm Bodies the zombies haven't experienced romance, their marriages are arranged by other zombies, and they can't really talk, so communication is going to be a challenge. 

"They'll be arbitrarily assigned a wife and they give them kids- the young zombies stuck at that age forever- and they have to raise them and bring food for them," Marion said. "They don't have the motivation for anything. They don't fall in love. They're just like, ‘Well, this is my wife now.'"
But, don't lose hope. Your pulse might be enough to get his blood boiling.

"If you have someone who's that dead inside and outside, someone who's opposite of that is a good way to make them come back to life and build chemistry," Marion said.

The film adaptation of Warm Bodies is being produced by Summit Films and is in pre-production. Jonathan Levine, known for his work on The Wackness, is directing.