Exclusive: ‘Lost' Co-Creator Damon Lindelof on the 'Prometheus' Sequel


Last week I had the opportunity to speak with Sir Ridley Scott and the cast of his anxiously awaited Prometheus (due out on June 8th) at the film's press junket in London. We'll have these video interviews up right here on FEARnet later this week. But in the meantime, I want to share with you a portion of another interview I did – with screenwriter Damon Lindelof. After the jump, check out what Lindelof had to say about a potential Prometheus sequel.

Without spoiling anything, Prometheus does leave itself open for a sequel. So does Damon Lindelof foresee a direction that sequel could take? Here's what Lindelof had to tell me: "Certainly Ridley and I spent a lot of time in his mind talking about what the answers to those questions were. And how this journey continues, and I think that Prometheus was an attempt to execute a very complex dive, so that when it ended this movie had two children. One of those children was the original Alien, and when you see the original Alien you have a context for it without having all the dots connected for you. And the other child would be a potential sequel or sequels to Prometheus, where this movie is moving off in an entirely different direction, away from the familiar tropes of the Alien movie in pursuit of more interesting and fundamental questions. Prometheus is about who made us and why. We get one of those answers, not another one. Hopefully future installments would answer [that other question]. We have a sense of what those answers are, but the audience has to say, ‘We want to see them too.' It's hubris to say, ‘You have to stick around for the sequel.'"