Exclusive: Author Richard Kadrey on the Future of 'Sandman Slim'


Last week I spoke with author Richard Kadrey about Sandman Slim, his series of novels about a hard-boiled hit man battling supernatural forces. Kadrey spoke about the upcoming fourth novel in the series, as well as how far he'd like to see the saga continue. Read what he had to say after the jump.

"The fourth Sandman Slim book," said Kadrey, "is Devil Said Bang, and it takes place exactly one hundred days after the third book. Stark has been stuck in hell for one hundred days, and the book has to do with how he gets out of hell and what's waiting for him in Los Angeles when he gets back. He thinks everything's fine now that he's home. Of course it's not. "

"I just finished up book 4 and we're going to do at least six books. 4 started off a new three-book arc. (Even though it's a new three-book arc don't start with book 4 because you will have no idea what the hell is going on, because book 4 is based on all those other three books. I will not explain all the characters and all the mythology to you in book 4, so start with 1.) Beyond that I don't know. I know what I want for the six books. If there's a story to tell beyond that – and there might be; I have some other ideas – the series could be open-ended. I'd also like to tell some of the stories of the side characters. Vidocq, the one hundred and fifty year old Frenchman; Stark's new girlfriend, who's not human, a girl named Candy. I'd like to tell some side stories about them, so I could see both doing more books but also doing some side spin-off projects with some of them. Because I know Vidocq the hundred and fifty year old Frenchman is immortal, and he didn't want to be, and I know how that happened. I know what happened in Paris all those years ago. I'd love to tell that story. So we'll see. Six books at least. Maybe more, with definitely some side projects."