Exclusive: Davey Suicide on Music & Killer Fashion


Photographs by Chad Michael Ward

While his self-named band is a relatively new arrival to the industrial rock arena, with a debut single now available (we'll reveal the slightly NSFW title after the jump) and their first full-length album slated for release this summer, Davey Suicide already has a strong solo career to his credit, as well as a successful clothing line named Killers Never Die, which artfully blends images of celebrity, death and horror... and I gotta say, his Edgar Allan Poe shirt is supreme. He also recently teamed up with celebrated photographer & filmmaker Chad Michael Ward (whose previous collaborators include industrial bands Combichrist and Imperative Reaction) for the band's first official music video, which made its debut on Blank TV this week. You can watch that clip on the flip – along with our exclusive interview with Davey, who told us more about the project, plus his favorite horror flicks and his many artistic inspirations. Davey and his team are poised to launch an all-out musical movement this year, and the details are all inside... so get in and check it out!

FEARnet: A lot of your artwork features horror images, like Bela Lugosi, Edgar Allan Poe and Hannibal Lecter. What kind of horror appeals to you most?

DAVEY: I like psychological thrillers like The Silence of the Lambs and The Devil's Rejects, where you almost feel compassion toward the killers in the end. I've also grown fond of the SAW Movies. One thing that I liked about SAW was the idea of teaching people to appreciate what they have and not take it for granted. The traps were creative and I liked the twists at the end of each film. The acting was never good, but most horror movies aren't known for Oscar-worthy acting performances.

Tell us about the creative process behind the video for "Generation Fuck Star."

I wrote the concept and brought it to Chad. He tied up a few loose ends in the story and had his set designers bring my vision to life. He's fantastic at what he does and I look forward to working with him again.

In the video, you're depicted as the leader of a new movement. Would you say that's something you plan to do with your music?

Yes. There are no accidents in this video.

The video ends with "To be continued." What can we expect to see next?

I was big into the Guns N Roses trilogy of "Don't Cry," "November Rain" and "Estranged," so you can expect a couple more in this series... except you won't see me swimming with dolphins.

Fair enough. So how long have you been painting and making custom clothing?

I've been doing art my whole life and I started designing clothes about 5 years ago. I got tired of never being satisfied with any clothing in stores. I taught myself PhotoShop and how to use a sewing machine, then started making my own clothes.

There are many motifs running through your designs, like the focus on dead celebrities and the X's over the eyes... what's the main theme behind that?

The idea of timelessness is a fascinating concept to me. Outliving your existence and passing down a message to future generations is powerful, and that's what spawned the idea of Killers Never Die. To me, X's have always represented targets, and they act as a barricade to what's behind them. Eyes are my favorite feature on a person, and when I came up with Killers Never Die, I thought it was fitting to have targets over the one thing that I enjoy the most about a person.  They also represent death, so it served as a double meaning.

What artists inspire you the most?

Axl Rose, Marilyn Manson and Eminem are my three patron saints. In their prime, there was no one in their respective genres that could touch them. They rewrote the rules and made the industry follow their lead. That inspires me.

Have you completed the new album?

The record is done and ready for global consumption on Tuesday, July 17th.

Your motto is "Unless we kill ourselves, there is no ceiling for what we are capable of." Can you explain that philosophy?

I needed a constant reminder that we're all in the driver's seat. If I give up on myself, shit's not going to go the way I want it to. I'd rather live by my rules than feel like I'm stuck inside a box. It's about believing in yourself. Put your trust in Suicide.