Exclusive: David Twohy Talks 'Riddick' Return


We grabbed writer/director David Twohy on the red carpet of his new film A Perfect Getaway last night -- and asked him about the status of the next installment of his Chronicles of Riddick franchise. Hit the jump to read what he had to say.

What can you tell us about the next Chronicles of Riddick film?

We know, creatively, what we are going to do.  We've tested the waters with the studio.  There was some interest in us doing a PG-13 version, but we are not interested in that.  We are only interested in the R-rated version.  The first, Pitch Black, with a modest budget, was R.  We had a larger budget on the second one [Chronicles of Riddick], and had a PG-13.  We realized we should have had an R for the second one, so now we want to go back to that.  We want to spend less money and make it a little tougher.

Will Vin Diesel be returning?

Yes.  There wouldn't be any movie without him.