Exclusive: Dee Snider on Why You Should Trick ‘r Treat at His House


To his long list of music, film and television credits, Renaissance man Dee Snider can now add Holliston, FEARnet's upcoming original twisted comedy series, in which Snider stars alongside horror filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch, Gwar's Oderus Urungus, and two of the loveliest ladies around – Corri English and Laura Ortiz. I recently had the chance to chat with all of these fine folks on the set of Holliston, and I'll be running my interviews with them closer to the show's premiere next year. But in the meantime, to help us celebrate our favorite holiday, I invited the cast to tell me their plans for Halloween. I'll be sharing what they had to say throughout this week, starting today with the one and only Mr. Snider. After the jump, learn why Dee's house is the one house you must stop at Halloween night.

"I'm a big Halloween fan. I had a project called Van Helsing's Curse a few years ago that had music for Halloween. If you're unaware of it, go to and check out the music. It's available on download at iTunes. It's cool music for Halloween. My daughter was born on Halloween, Cheyenne. We really get into Halloween at my house. We are the house to descend upon. It's the only time you can come to Dee's house. The porch has tattered black cloth and wind machines and smoke and lightning and music and I dress in a full Grim Reaper outfit. I'm like seven feet tall. We give out the big candy bars. Kids run screaming when the door opens. There are body parts hanging inside. Last year I gave out five hundred individual large candy bars. Sometimes there was a line."

"So we get into it. We are the new generation of Halloween fans, for which it's not a day, it's a season. So we're heading down to Halloween Horror Nights in Universal for a weekend, the whole family. We'll go do that – that's an annual thing as well. It's all part of the annual Halloween experience."