Exclusive: Director Anthony DiBlasi on ‘Dread'


At the recent red carpet premiere of Saw VI we had an opportunity to speak with Anthony DiBlasi, the director of the upcoming Clive Barker adaptation Dread. Read what he had to say about the film after the jump.

"I think people are going to be surprised by Dread because it's a very accessible story. I think people who have really gotten to know Clive's material will appreciate it for being faithful. It's a story that centers around college students. It's a thriller. There's nothing fantastical about it – it's gruesome and there are some elements that feel very Darko-ish, but it's more accessible for a wider audience. I made it for my inner twenty-year-old, but now me being nine years away from twenty, it's looking back and telling a kind of coming-of-age story about where your life can go. With Jackson Rathbone, from Twilight – who's excellent in it – I think it will find an audience that can really relate to it."

We also asked DiBlasi about Pig Blood Blues, the Barker adaptation he's helming that will follow Dread. Pig Blood, deals with even younger protagonists than Dread, as its set at a reform center for boys.

"The thing with Pig Blood is that it's a really bizarre story. It's kind of like Lord of the Flies and The Shining. The short story, it has ghostly elements, and I really turn Pig Blood into a ghost story. I love them, movies that really scare me. I love the real-world kind of issues and stepping into the supernatural; it's the ghost stuff that really gets me. It has been spread out into a classic ghost story, but also has gruesome and twisted things in it. It has a mix of realism, violence, cruelty between young boys, and this ghostly element that is more towards the adult end."