Exclusive: Director Gabriel Bologna on ‘Black Waters of Echo's Pond'


At this week's red-carpet premiere of The Black Waters of Echo's Pond, we had the chance to catch up with the film's writer-director Gabriel Bologna and producer Jason Loughridge (pictured above from right to left). Check out what he had to say about the fun indie thriller – co-written by Sean Clark and Michael Berenson, and starring a host of genre vets, from Robert Patrick to Danielle Harris – after the jump.

"I've always been fascinated with the duality of mankind," said Bologna, "and I wanted to write a movie where the killer is you. It's a group of friends who vacation to an island off the coast of Maine and stumble across, in this old house, a very elaborate old game and they play it. What ends up happening is the resentments that have been highly repressed over the years slowly come to a boil and this tightly knit group of friends end up all killing each other, caving into the base of emotions, whether it'd be greed, lust, envy. We shot it in Malibu and doubled it for Maine." 

"We went out to shoot down in Malibu," said Loughridge, "but due to some circumstantial things we built most of it inside the sound stages and just kind of finished up the film in Los Angeles. It's been two years since we did this; it took 5 years to raise the financing. Nothing ever happens overnight in Hollywood, everyone thinks that's what happens, but it never does. Two years later from when we actually wrapped, this is where we are right now, we won best film two weeks ago in Orlando."

"We won the audience award," said Bologna, "which is highly prestigious because it's the actual patrons who vote."

The film can also be seen the weekend of  November 20th through 22nd at HorrorHound Cincinnati, where it will again be in competition. "Then we are going to roll out theatrical in January," said Loughride, "kind of try to follow Paranormal Activity."

As for what's next for the pair, Bologna said with a laugh, "Return to Echo's Pond… Don't play the game, man. If you do you are dead!"