Exclusive: Electra Avellan Talks ‘Machete'


At last night's red carpet premiere of Black Waters of Echo's Pond, we caught up with one of the film's stars, Electra Avellan (a.k.a. one half of Planet Terror's Crazy Babysitter Twins), who told us about her role in Robert Rodriguez's upcoming Machete. Based on the faux trailer in Grindhouse, Machete will again see Danny Trejo's title character unleashing hell on earth upon corrupt politicians and various other ne'er-do-wells. Find out what Avellan told us about the film after the jump.

Regarding the amount of humor that will be present in Machete (as opposed to drama), Avellan remarked, "In my opinion, I'm not speaking for Robert at all, this movie is taken more seriously [than] Grindhouse, where zombies were unreal and funny. But Machete is real – it's real-life situations, with real-life problems, and people are getting killed and there's a battle and there's so much going on. But it is very comedic. I think my role in it is very comedic. Robert likes that my sister and I bring this comic relief to the situation. The situation that Danny Trejo is in when we come into his life in the movie, it's really extreme. We're nurses. I think we're the same twins; we're not babysitting anymore – we have real jobs, we got green cards, so we are working."

"We finished shooting a month ago. Right now, Robert is shooting Predators, so I think it's going to take a while. He has to finish that and then he'll focus on Machete. The movie will probably be out summer or fall of next year." 

Avellan also told us she hopes her character will be in Machete – whose casts includes everyone from Robert De Niro to Jessica Alba – for more than one scene.

"I've shot so many films," she said, "I've been working in the industry for so many years, since I was four years old in Venezuela. There are times when I shoot a film and I go see it and I am like, ‘Where am I? What happened to my character?' The part would get completely cut out. In the end, he will choose how long he wants me in it. But whatever it is, even it if it's a second, I think it was worth it, because it's going to be a surprise."

One thing's for certain – Avellan's character will survive the film's mayhem, as she said it's possible she could return for a Machete sequel: "I think it's a possibility. You know, Robert loves trilogies and I think he can have that totally open for a trilogy. But at the end of the day it's what he chooses to do."

Regarding her other upcoming projects, Avellan said, "I just finished producing a movie called Scout's Honor with Chris Kattan, Fred Willard and Kip King, and that one got the official selection of the Hollywood Film Festival just a week ago. I'm really excited about it, and waiting for Cannes. It's very funny; it's brilliant. I have it with me in my purse and I just love it.  I also produced a movie, with Chevy Chase, Burt Reynolds, Vinnie Jones and Michael Madsen. It's called Not Another Not Another Movie. That one is still in post-production. We'll be done soon and can't wait to sell it and show it to the world, because it's brilliant."

Avellan added with a laugh, "Two great comedies that are going to make me a lot of money!"