Exclusive: ETID’s Keith Buckley Talks Fear Flicks


I first got a brain-load of Buffalo metallers Every Time I Die during the Sounds of the Underground tour a few years back, and they blew my circuits instantly with their raunchy, devil-may-care attitude, maniacal energy, and highly original songwriting. All those elements are front and center in their upcoming album New Junk Aesthetic, which hits stores next Tuesday – and if you've been paying attention, you've already had a taste of what's to come in the form of their acid-drenched new video for “Wanderlust,” featuring nightmarish animated segments from their guitarist, Jordan Buckley.

Given their penchant for demented imagery – including the hilarious Teen Wolf-themed video for the song “Werewolf,” which the band also performed in corpse makeup for the Jimmy Kimmel Live Halloween show – it's no surprise ETID frontman Keith Buckley (brother of Jordan) is quite a horror movie buff, and he was happy to share a few words with us about his personal genre faves. So read on to find out more about the New Junk, Keith's take on the new generation of horror flicks, and the movie that nearly sucked the breath out of him...

FEARnet: So Keith, are you mainly down with old-school horror, or are you open to the new stuff?

KEITH: I’m very open to the new stuff. But with all the CGI, there's not the inherent horror there used to be. It used to be all about kidnapping and insane people getting loose, and you think "that's scary because it could happen.” But now, there are aliens and weird shit that just isn’t realistic.

Are you sick of all these horror remakes?

No, I love the remakes! They seem thus far to be staying true to the [original] scripts, but the makeup and blood is just so much better than it used to be.

So what's the best flick you've seen recently?

Inside. It was recommended to me by Jeff from Poison the Well, who is my brother when it comes to horror movies.

Good pick – and a seriously sick one.

Yeah, that movie is FUCKING DISGUSTING! My girl was just shrieking and gagging the whole time. I, of course, was laughing and clapping.

What horror classics are your personal faves?

Anything by Dario Argento.

Aside from the Teen Wolf homage in the "Werewolf" video, have you ever thought about going for full-on horror movie imagery in one of your future videos?

I would love to! I would absolutely kill to be behind the scenes of a horror movie someday.
Besides that track being on the Saw IV CD, have any of your other songs made it into movies?

Not movies, no... some video games here and there. I actually think we have a song coming out on the next Saw soundtrack as well, but I would love to have it actually played in the movie.

What was Jordan's inspiration for the creepy New Junk artwork?

Red Bulls and his own farts, as he sat in a small room for twelve hours a day.

Yeah, I guess that would do it... so what's your biggest fear?

Small places. When I saw The Descent in the theater, I couldn’t fucking breathe!

Speaking of getting the breath knocked out of you, I had a similar reaction when I queued up ETID's New Junk Aesthetic – a short (around 37 minutes) but potent burst of hardcore melodic mayhem that grabs your skull with the opening screeching feedback of “Roman Holiday” and continues the assault with strong cuts like the blistering “Host Disorder” and equally ripping first single “Marvelous Slut” (featuring guest vocals from Dillinger Escape Plan's Greg Puciato), the surreal “Organ Grinder,” the beef-tastic riffage of “For the Record,” and the melodically powerful (and '70s-flavored) “Wanderlust.”

Overall, the material on this CD is darker in tone and less playful than the band's earlier southern rock-infused work, and they explore some decidedly eerie sonic terrain this time around. The deluxe edition of the album is the way to go for this one, as it includes two sweet bonus tracks: the well titled rage-fest “Buffalo 666” and the haunting “Goddam Kids These Days.” That version also comes with a companion DVD containing the band's notorious “Party Pooper” documentary saga. Be sure to check it out next Tuesday, and watch for the band to come to your neck of the woods during their September/October tour with Epitaph label-mates Bring Me The Horizon.