Exclusive: 'Forget Me Not' Cast Interviews


A childhood prank gone wrong and vengeful spirits are at the forefront of Tyler Oliver and Jamieson Stern's original new horror flick, Forget Me Not.

Forget Me Not is having its world premiere Thursday night in Los Angeles at Mann's as part of the Screamfest film festival. This morning I had the opportunity to sit down with Carly Schroeder who plays Sandy Channing and Micah Alberti who plays Jake Mitchell in the film. Catch the full interview below.

FEARnet: Tell us about your character in the film, this movie has such a huge cast.

Carly Schroeder: My character is Sandy Channing and she is the valedictorian at her school and she has a twin brother Eli and everyone thinks she is a sweet goody two-shoes but slowly as the movie progresses you find out that she really isn't.

Micah Alberti: [Jake] is the leader of the group. He's the team captain, sort of the more mature one. He's the leader when it comes to the kids. Tries to stand back and think about the situation, rather than react.

So Carly, you get to play a bit of the good and the bad in this film. Which is more fun? Or do I even need to ask that?

Carly Schroeder: (laughs) Ever since I was little my dad always told me, "No, no, no, you save that attitude for set. You put that into a role in a movie or something.' So I definitely enjoy playing the bad girl more.

Glad you were able to put that to good use.

Carly Schroeder: Yes, yes, I'm a good girl in real life so why not put the bad girl somewhere? She needs to get out every once in a while.

How did you get your role, did you seek it out?

Micah Alberti: I auditioned and immediately thought there was such great energy in the room. I walked out and thought, no matter what happens I want to work with these guys. Small part, no part I want to be a part of this group. They had great ideas and thoughts and allow me to give my point of view. They were very open to explore, which I thought was pretty cool and takes a lot of trust on both parts.

Carly Schroeder:
I was brought the script and I had been looking to do a horror movie for a while and I read it and I couldn't go to sleep that night. So I met with the director the next morning and I was like OK, let's go and start filming.

What is about the genre that made you want to do a horror movie?

Carly Schroeder: Well, I don't know, there's something about it. The screaming. I've always done stuff like the soap operas and Lizzie Mcguire there was something about horror films that attracted me. It's like when you watch a horror film you get scared, it’s a different kind of acting, you have to work harder to keep the audience captivated, and you can't do the same scream every time otherwise people lose interest. It seemed like a challenge and I was up for it.
Do you enjoy watching horror films?

Micah Alberti: As a kid never watched slasher flicks or horror movies. For
starters I wasn't allowed to. When I did, I would always think 'Oh just move the curtain the guy is right there.' With this one I just fell in love with Jamie and Tyler's attitude and energy. That's what attracted me.

Carly Schroeder: Kind of. I seem to have quite a few mean boyfriends who force me to go see them so I've kind of gotten into them over the years.

I hear the cast was given a chance to bond before filming?

Carly Schroeder: Yeah, there was a week where I called everyone up and was like 'Let's go to the beach', 'Let's do this', let's start bonding and getting the chemistry going. We need to be best friends on film, so let's see if we can all become best friends in real life. By the end of it we were a big family.

Micah Alberti: Yeah, I never experienced that before. Usually get together for a table read maybe dinner the night before but never really been given the opportunity to go just hang out at the beach and do your thing. This is as low stress as it gets. We took our time and hung out, got to know each other. It was nice. For me I don't retain names very well (laughs) but once I get the name to the face and attach personality it helps.

Did all of that bonding help with shooting and getting through the horrific
nature of the film?

Micah Alberti: Shooting can be so stressful, I like to make it as light as
possible. So off set I like to make light of things and joke around and a lot of
this came straight from the beach. In conversations together. Very much a
community effort or a family experience, which also helped with the emotions while shooting.

Carly Schroeder: Tyler and Jamie (Writers and Director) definitely showed us the creatures, the people who were going to do the make up, and there was a test day when everybody put their make up on and practiced their jerking and twitching. Still when you go on set and see the make up it's still creepy. To have those things chasing after you, personally I don't like anything chasing after me, let alone someone in prosthetics in a dark scary hospital that's supposed to be haunted. Not a good experience.

Micah Alberti: There are actually a few moments where they had to say this needs to hit harder. Adjustments had to be made to our characters and sometimes they would change things up a bit to get a more serious tone.

What's your biggest fear?

Micah Alberti: One of my good friends was just stung by a scorpion the other night and I was like 'Wait a minute, we have scorpions in LA?' I hate scorpions.

Carly Schroeder: I'm still scared of the dark. If I have to get out of bed to get a drink of water, I haul out of bed and sprint to turn on the light switch.

Are you going to sit in the theater and watch the film at the Screamfest premiere on Thursday?

Micah Alberti: Yeah

Carly Schroeder: I will

I'm surprised that your biggest fear isn't sitting in a darkened theater while 700 people watch your film for the first time.

Micah Alberti: That's a whole different kind of fear.

Carly Schroeder: (laughs) That's number two on my list.

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