Exclusive: Gwar's Oderus Urungus Reveals His Halloween Costume


For most FEARnet fans, Oderus Urungus requires no introduction. But for those unfortunate few who are unfamiliar with the intergalactic space barbarian lead singer of Gwar, you'll soon encounter him on FEARnet's original twisted comedy series Holliston, on which he'll co-star alongside fellow rocker Dee Snider. I recently visited the Holliston set, where Mr. Urungus told me what he'll be dressing up as for Halloween. Find out after the jump.

"We will be playing a show. I believe it will be Chicago. Pretty much every day of the year is Halloween for Gwar, so what we like to do for Halloween is dress up as humans. And I, this year, have been working very hard on my costume. I will be going as famous TV quizmaster Alex Trebek. With the mustache. We won't be doing this Alex Trebek with no mustache bullshit. And I will be quizzing people. I find that when I do Alex Trebek, people tend to give me a little space.  Because he makes people feel stupid… When he lost that mustache, and then you could see that basically he had no upper lip, it was horrible. It was like, "Please, someone, put a toupee on his upper lip. Sonny Bono doesn't need his anymore. His skull was crushed." We can easily put Sonny Bono's toupee on Chaz Bono's transsexual vagina. Yes, and then we'll all… I don't know what I'm saying. I have to wish Chastity, or whatever the hell kind of mutant that is on that stupid dancing show, all the luck in the world with her new vagina."