Exclusive Interview: 'Thor' Co-Star Tom Hiddleston to Ascend 'Crimson Peak' with Guillermo del Toro


While he's a clear-cut villain in the Marvel movie universe, the question remains just what sort of role Tom Hiddleston will play in master filmmaker Guillermo del  Toro's horror movie realm.

During an interview for his new movie "Thor: The Dark World" last week, Hiddleston shared a few details with me about his involvement in del Toro's upcoming ghost thriller "Crimson Peak."

"I can't really tell you too much about the plot because I want to preserve things for the audience, and we haven't started shooting the film," Hiddleston says. "But it is very sophisticated and inspired by so much of the particular passion of Guillermo, which is the gothic romance literature of the 19th century where the spooky stuff and ghost stories are all drawn."

Hiddleston, who replaced his good friend Benedict Cumberbatch in "Crimson Peak" in early September, told me that it didn't take him long to get a jump on the project along with some of his co-stars.

"To do this film with Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, Charlie Hunnam and Jim Beaver is going to be so exciting," Hiddleston enthuses. "We were all together in Toronto for different reasons, around the time of the film festival, and we all had dinner together and it was very, very exciting indeed."

Hiddleston, who spends part of his time as Loki imprisoned in clear barrier holding cells in "The Avengers" and "Thor: The Dark World" -- a la Hannibal Lecter -- was willing to reveal a tiny bit of the part he'll be playing in "Crimson Peak."

"I'm not playing a Hannibal Lecter type, but he is a complicated soul," Hiddleston says.

As for future villainy, Hiddleston, who has brought a unique creative flair to Loki's wicked ways in the "Thor" films and "The Avengers," says he's completely open to playing a bad guy in horror films.

"As an actor, I'm genuinely inspired by my curiosity," Hiddleston explains. "If I read a script and I see something and think, 'I want to explore what that is,'  then I'll get down to the grit, detail and human nature of it. I'll get it under my fingernails and into my bones."

 "But I like playing nice guys, too," he adds with a laugh.

"Crimson Peak" is currently set for an April 2015 release.

"Thor: The Dark World," which once again stars Chris Hemsworth as the title character, opens in theaters Friday.