Exclusive: Joe Lynch and his 'Knights of Badassdom'


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We caught up with Wrong Turn 2 Director Joe Lynch the other night in LA at the Reaper Awards and just had to ask him about his next - curiously titled - project, The Knights of Badassdom.

FEARnet: What can you tell us about The Knights of Badassdom?

Joe Lynch: The Knights of Badassdom...we are casting right now, we’re designing the creatures right now with…I can’t say exactly who yet but they are one of the biggest effects companies in the world and I am humbled and honored that they would be doing it.  It’s a dream come true.  So between casting and crewing up and making some of the most killer creature effects I’ve ever seen it’s gonna be a great shoot. 

Originally, this was a project that John Landis was attached to...can you say how your vision of it makes it different from what we would’ve seen from Landis?

You probably would’ve seen a poster that said 'See you next Wednesday' somewhere in there.  Other than that, I mean, to be totally honest with you, the film that I went in kind of professing when I was first offered the movie was An American Werewolf in London, clearly based on tone. Because that’s a movie that can go as a completely terrifying scary movie, but it also has a lot of humor in it.  And to me, it’s like one of those movies where if you can turn the volume off is a terrifying horror movie, turn the volume up and it’s really funny. 

That’s a similar tone that we are taking with The Knights of Badassdom and to have Landis behind me, no pun intended, is an amazing thrill. I mean, everytime I see him he’s like ‘Don’t fuck up Lynch,’ that vote of confidence is like a dream come true for me because he is my hero.