Exclusive: Katrina Bowden Says 'Nurse 3D' is 'Wild Things' Meets 'Single White Female'


If there's one thing you can say about Katrina Bowden, it's that the girl has got game. After subjecting herself to all the viscera of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and Piranha 3DD, the gorgeous 30 Rock star was more than willing to get back on the gore horse for Lionsgate's Nurse 3D, co-starring Paz de la Huerta (pictured above) and due out later this year. I spoke with Bowden yesterday about her outrageous Piranha 3DD role, in an interview I'll have up for you tomorrow. But in the meantime, after the jump, find out what she had to say about Nurse 3D.

What can you tell us about Nurse 3D? Will it be a straight-up horror film, or is humor mixed with the horror as it was for you in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and Piranha 3DD?

It's not a horror comedy at all. It's probably my first movie where there's absolutely no comedy aspect to it involving me at all. It's kind of a psychological thriller. It's like Wild Things meets Single White Female.

Paz de la Huerta plays a nurse who becomes obsessed with me; and I'm a young nurse who's fresh out of nursing school. She's a psychopathic serial killer. She becomes obsessed with me and tries to lure me into her web of craziness. I slowly discover who she really is, and I become the hero of the movie, who tries to stop what she's doing.  So it's very, very different for me; which was really fun to do.

Did you encounter less gore than you did in Tucker and Dale and Piranha 3DD?

No, it was pretty up there. There's quite a lot of gore in the peak scenes of the movie. There's a monumental scene where everything comes to a culmination, and there's quite a bit of gore. [Laughs.] It was more strenuous for me, and the first time I've ever had to do a lot of stunt work. It was physically exhausting by the end of it. But that was kind of fun about it too.