Exclusive: Leticia Dolera Talks Love and Zombies in '[REC]'


[REC] 3 takes a different path than the previous films in the franchise. The majority of the third film is not “found footage” and it starts with a wedding. Yes, it quickly devolves into zombies eating the guests, but it sure does start off happy and - dare I say it - romantic. We sat down with Leticia Dolera, the stunning actress who plays Clara, the lovesick bride who isn’t afraid to wield a chainsaw when her beloved groom is in danger.


Tell me a little bit about your character, Clara.

I play Clara, a girl who is totally in love with the man she is marrying. The most important day of her life, the happiest day of her life, will be the worst nightmare. She is going to find within herself the strength to fight for her love.

What was it about the character that made you want the role?

I loved the fact that when the zombie attack starts, Clara doesn’t become this scared girl who hides and waits for the prince to come find her. She is going to fight, and do whatever it takes to fight for her love.

You get to play both the sweet, romantic girly-girl, as well as the ass-kicking heroine. How did you reconcile these two parts of the character?

That came from the script. I knew which scenes would be sweet, and when she would start being not-so-sweet. [Director] Paco Plaza let us show all these faces of the character.

Was Paco open to input on your character?

Yes. For example, during the wedding dinner, I stand up and say a few words. That was something that was absolutely improvised. A bridesmaid said, “The bride should talk!” So I stood up and talked. Paco lets things happen and gives you freedom. That’s very important as an actor, when you feel like you own the character and you have the trust of the director and you are an active part of the process, you can give much more. This freedom lets you grow in the character.

You have a lot of action scenes in this film. Did you get to do your own stunts?

Yes, I did almost everything. I was so into the character that I didn’t want any other bride to come and fight for Clara’s love. I wanted to do it. Two months before we started shooting I was getting prepared for the role. I had a personal trainer and was doing a lot of exercise and weights. I am normally skinnier, but in order to make my character believable, and to make it so I could play it, I had to be stronger.

Were there any other stunts that were particularly fun or scary?

It was particularly fun when I jumped out the window, with the fire and everything. And I loved the fight scene with the music, where I start killing zombies. I had so much fun doing it.


Were you a fan of the [REC] movies before you got this role?

Yes, I loved them. I was really happy and honored to be part of a saga that is so important in Spain - and all over the world.

Are you a fan of horror movies?

Yes. More than horror movies, I would say [I like] science-fiction movies. I love Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and I’m a Cyborg But That’s Okay. I love a lot of Korean science-fiction movies. In Spain, there is a horror movie called Who Would Kill a Child? That is a special movie.

Are there any Spanish directors that Americans should keep their eyes on?

Paco Plaza is definitely one. He’s done more movies before [REC] that are really worth it, like Second Name or Christmas Tale. He’s a really good director who has been doing really good movies for a long time. Also, I would suggest Juan Antonio Bayona. He directed The Orphanage, and he just completed The Impossible. It’s going to be a big movie.

What is coming up for you?

I just finished a film called Last Days. It is a post-apocalyptic film set in Barcelona. I’m also about to direct my third short film. It’s about the anesthesia that the people in big cities have to deal with.

Will you star in that as well?

No. Directing is enough!

Any plans to direct a feature?

Not any time soon, but someday, it is something I would love to do.