Exclusive: Mark Pellegrino on This Week's 'Supernatural'


It’s been a tough year for Sam and Dean Winchester. The two brothers spent most of the fourth season of Supernatural dealing with Dean’s mysterious resurrection from the grave and trying to prevent the demon Lilith from breaking the seals that would allow Lucifer to once again walk the Earth. However, it was a duped Sam who ultimately freed the fallen angel from his fiery imprisonment. Currently inhabiting the body of a man named Nick, Lucifer has been pursuing the boys, since he requires Sam as a human vessel in order to fully unleash his power.

This week's episode 5.10, "Abandon All Hope..." is the last original episode of 2009 (new originals will return to The CW on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2010). But we were lucky enough to catch up with Lucifer himself, actor Mark Pellegrino, on the show's Vancouver set in the midst of filming "Abandon All Hope..."; and he told us about the hell he'll be raising on Supernatural. Check out the interview after the jump. And after the interview, check out two clips from the episode, airing this Thursday night!

What grabbed you about the series’ take on the iconic figure Lucifer?

It’s uncliche to me. It’s not a moustache-twirling bad guy who is obviously evil. To me, he’s just a human being in touch with how people feel. To me, the notion of Satan is a very human struggle. It’s a guy who has a real beef or issue and is just trying to pursue justice. He’s been betrayed for crying out loud and wants to do something about it. That’s very human. He’s appealing, which I like, and is different from the other angels, who are kind of dicks.

Indeed, Lucifer’s been very charismatic and almost sympathetic, which means, so far, he’s been all talk. When do we finally get to see the devil inside? 

Yeah, well his beef is starting to come to the surface. In the episode I am filming right now, you start to see bad things happen. I kind of do it a little innocently too. It’s just collateral damage and when I make my next appeal to Sam, some of the real feelings start to bubble out.

Does Lucifer actually have a grand master plan?

I think he does have a game plan but the overall goal is the destruction of the human race, to take over heaven, and be reseated where he belongs.

What kind of confrontation can we expect between Lucifer and the angel Castiel?

It played out kind of cool actually. I have him in a ring of holy fire and I try to convince him to come over to my side, which of course he doesn’t do. Lucifer has a very interesting take on the whole thing which is “Well, you have time to change your mind and if you don’t, so be it. This is the way things are supposed to be.” It’s this fantastic point of view that everything is going to turn his way. The confrontation was very interesting. It’s like two gunfighters in a way, with me making an appeal to him and Castiel being very stubborn.

Does your storyline wrap up in this episode, 5.10?

I was doing a minimum of three and this is already the third, but it looks like there is going to be more based on what I’ve read.

Lastly, Lucifer has already approached Sam but does he have any contact with Dean?

Well, I laid Jensen Ackles out. I knocked him for a loop. Me and Dean have a bit of a confrontation and he gets the worst of it. Poor guy.